Gyms Fitness Centers and Personal Trainers

Gyms Fitness Centers and Personal Trainers

People care about their health and looks. Gyms have been a BOOMING industry over the past few years.

Other types of fitness businesses, such as martial arts, yoga studios and Zumba dance classes give people many options on how they want to go about taking care of their body and health.

Introduce an SMS system in your fitness center so your clients can be reminded on class schedules, times, and to reserve a spot. You can also offer them coupons and invite them to special events.

Stay up to date with customers and members with our great appointment manager tool. Use this tool to remind members of  class times or to confirm appointments with personal trainers.

Create a keyword that can allow your customers to opt-in and receive SMS Text Messages that update members (or anyone interested in joining) on great deals and promotions.